Thursday, 11 October 2012

TRAVEL; Shanghai - Badminton!

Today is a super tired day because my flu sort of got worsen. I took medication last night and fall asleep fast. I am lacking of rest. Weekend please come faster.

I decided not to take lunch. Luckily I bought my milk shake despite my overloaded luggage. I have my chicken essence, my vitamin C and my health products all prepared. Luckily I'm not at my worst stage. :) Just a lil flu, and i'm still alright!

Emily, Evy, and Me!!
They are very nice people. Yes, China people. I always believe those that are rude are the minority. Like I always believe, those mid-rich people are those that are most snobbish ones!!

My Cake!! Some beans on top, which I don't really enjoy.

They taste so local. T.T

Alrights, I appreciate the thoughts.
We had some excercise after work!!

In Singapore, we have these activities too, but because I have family and always rush home for my baobeis, that is why I never once join them. But now, since I have absolute nothing to do at the hotel, I decided to join them!

We played a roughly 2 hours (YES! ME!!) And because the weather is cooling even indoor, I didn't sweat a lot. And I definitely felt better (my flu) after this session. :)

We had supper after that whereby my colleague (SHANGHAINESE!!) got lost! OMG. Shanghai is too huge! Dinner was goood. And I find myself a lil rude to take photos, therefore I did not. :) I am a good girl okay! hehee...

My colleague pointed out something; Sometimes its not how good the food here is, when you are all alone, no matter what you eat are tasteless. And I agree, and say being alone sometimes makes you lost your appetite too. :(

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