Friday, 19 October 2012

TRAVEL: Shanghai - Updates

I've been working diligently!
Everyday is almost similar, except some after office hours activities whereby the people here will participate in. Tuesday and Thursdays were their usual badminton session which I went along with them. They keep praising that I'm a fast learner! heh .. And I really enjoyed the whole thing because they teach and play altogether. I don't feel outcasted at all!

Secondly, we went dinner after badminton session, and tried 新疆菜 (another part of china). Their dishes were so much different and I tried all of everything they ordered. Something special. And initially they were asking what I usually eat in Singapore, I told them fish and chicken, more of veggies. They couldn't believe that I ate everything they gave me.

Well, for me, I thought its not nice to have people bringing you for dinner and be picky and chosy over especially food. I am not someone who likes to trouble anyone else, therefore I just took everything they have. :D But anyway, Shanghai or rather China, is a meaty country. Beef and Lamb are so common among their dishes whereby that is something I really can't get use to!

No photos at all, coz I dont want to appear rude, taking all the photos here and there when everyone is farmished!

So, Wednesday we had our department dinner whereby everyone was present. We went to The Bund, and ate at 小南国. They serve local shanghai dishes, and our boss ordered a few local delicacies like duck toungue, jelly fish, shishamo, salted chicken, steam fish, lotus root, river prawns, pig trotter, and some desserts.. And I think their food is so Singapore-styled in fact, just that they are generous with oil usuage!

In general, I had a good meal, and after which, they brought me to walk along their famous The Bund! The weather was so cold that we shivered in our jackets! And we end up sitting at PAULANERS along the bund! Yah, PAULANERS again and we had some coffee! :D The night ended with shivers coz it turned even colder when we were walking back.

I've not been having enough sleep lately. Even though the working hours is 30mins later than Singapore, the travel distance is shorter (just 20mins), but I've been turning into bed so late recently! T.T

I will catch more sleep over the weekend, and get ready for home!

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