Monday, 8 October 2012

TRAVEL: Shanghai

Arrived at Singapore Changi Airport 8am with my two luggage.

And ah baby is here with me!

We alighted at Changi T2 happily and join the SQ que. Luckily it's not a long wait, coz then the counter staff told me that I should go to T3 coz departure for Shanghai is at T3.

SO BLUR ME!!! Taking things for granted that everytime is T2!!! *ahbish*

Took the Sky train to T3 and quickly went to check in.
My luggage is 34kg!!!
The limit for per pax is 20kg. And my pink luggage is already 20.4kg. The counter staff told me the max. he can allow me is 25kg. And my black (small) luggage is 14kg. So, he was saying it was 9kg over the limit, and per KG is 15 BUCKS!!! =.=

NEHMIND! I handcarried my black one on board. 
Yeap. And after checking in, baby and I went to Yakun for breakfast.
(THERE IS NO STARBUCKS AT T3!!?????) Ok nvm.
Sit a while, and its time to run.

Flight was at 1010hrs, and I have to be there half an hr earlier.


My plane. 


I'm gonna stay there for 19 days.
Plane alighted and this is the first time i'm experiencing this -> Walking down the plane into an Air-conditioned city. HOLY~~ it's a coooooooooling 24degrees!

Custom was cleared quickly and I picked my pink luggage quickly too! (Super easy to recognise!) And there was a driver waiting for me.

Bought my SIM card.

And I'm happy!

(the Cab)

45mins ride to hotel 

The weather was so good that our cab didn't needed air-con! YES! Driver scrolled the window down and it was so cooling~

(Hotel Lobby)

*loves* the cozy room!

Finally finish unpacking my luggage (into the hotel) and went down to Watsons to get mineral water. Nope, no shopping today as it was quite dark now. Rest and relax till work tomorrow! *wink*

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