Friday, 5 October 2012

Shanghai Fun!

I've always wanted to travel alone, Travel - as in really backpacking and go on a vacation alone. Yeah.. since long long time ago. And while I was planning a Phuket / Bali alone trip, Vinc came into my life. And this travelling alone thing has never came across me.

I was still bothered by the fact that i'll be alone and being lonely and stuff, suddenly fell into a depression for 2 minutes and *SNAP!!* I should in fact, take this as a chance, explore and do something I really wanna do!

Now, since the chace is here! :D
And all I need, a TRAVEL GUIDE!!

(I know I know i'm there for work, but after working hours its pretty boring!!!)

Did some research on the internet, and find that the weather will be cooling, and I will need to bring thicker clothing.
Average temp is around 19degrees, and ranges from 15-22 in month October.

Well, i've been there once, and this is my second time. My previous trip was just last year, around Aug-Sept, and the weather was somewhat like Singapore. So now I can expect something cooler. :D

I went to The Bund last trip, and there wasn't really something. But after reading through the travel guides, there are actually things we didn't get to see the last time round because we were in big group, and mostly ang mohs are not interested in ..

This time, I will try to take a stroll long their rivers and maybe take their ferry too ! ;)

The Shopping
I know there are a few must-go places, not to buy their loacl fashion but to see look at their handicrafts and local products. They are good in carvings and silk stuff which I'm so looking forward ! Will try to get something back for my friends and family !

And lastly, something not to miss, their Yu Yuan Garden!

I'm so gonna take loads of pictures and make my own travel guide. HA HA HA !  And oh, I need a good camera. :(

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