Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Labbit Meet Up!

Finally we get to meet up, and I'm so excited coz it's been 2 years since we gathered!! YES!! Freaking TWO YEARS!! <3

Left to Right: Me, Jol and Shir !
I really love the girls. We can never run out of topics and this time round, since Shir just gave birth, it's all about giving birth!! Seriously, it freaks me out, but after hearing Shir's experience, it gave me a second thought.

She never experienced any morning sickness, any emotions rides nor uncomfortable during the whole 10 months of having her Bella. I am so so so glad for her, and *envy*. And she did not had any epidural, and pushed just twice to get her baby out!! It's like "WOW!!!". Bella's a blessing to her.
Chubby cute lil' fella <3
I hope she will have bigger eyes when she grows up, and stay healthy! <3

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